plazaoffices executive office suites - Las Vegas - Summerlin

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Top 10 Benefits

1. Cost savings

2. Easy to setup

3. No credit checks

4. No utility bills

5. No hassling with the phone company

6. Enterprise IT infastructure

7. Trained receptionists, no hiring headaches

8. Premium location

9. First class service

10. Your office is always open, even when you are out of the office

Full Service Offices

Front Desk Staff
Our staff become your staff. We are here all day long to receive your packages, greet your visitors, answer your phones, and anything else you need. We enable you to do what is most important in your business without neglecting the day-to-day chores of keeping your business up and running.
Remote Receptionists

Included in your office rental is a friendly, curtious receptionist who is trained by you to answer all of your phone calls. We are never sick, we are never late, and we don't take breaks... why? We consist of a team of highly trained professionals. There is no need to waste your time with sales calls or stress out if you are expecting an important phone call. Your remote receptionist will take your instructions and ensure your calls are handled properly all the time, every time.

Conference Rooms

All of our conference rooms are professionally decorated. They are all equipped with media outlets, T1 access teleconferencing capabilities and more.