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Whether you need a permanent office presence or just a mailing address, a virtual office can save you money while giving your company a world class image.

Plaza offices gives you the prestige of having an office in Summerlin with the budget of working from home.

Choose from a wide range of flexible plans to accommodate your office needs.

As a member of Plaza Offices you will have the added benefit of being able to use any of the conference rooms in our worldwide network of office locations and have it all on one invoice under one account.

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Receive all of your business mail at professional office building in Summerlin.

No post office box number, just a great office address to use on your business cards and other marketing material.

Convenient 24 hour access to mail facilities in the building allows you to drop in and pick up mail whenever you want. 

Your business telephone line is answered by a live receptionist who has been trained by you. Your team of executive level receptionists will screen calls​, announce calls to you, take messages or even patch calls through to your mobile phone.

Meet your clients in a high-tech, class ‘A’, Summerlin office and pay for what you use, literally. We only charge you for the time you are in the office, or the amount of hours spent in the conference room. Meet your clients at the same place you receive your mail… which is the same address you list on your business cards… which is the same office location where your receptionist works. Stay consistent and add a great image to your company while saving thousands of dollars.


Plaza Offices will become a trusted member of your staff for a fraction of the cost. 

Plaza Offices is a premier executive level receptionist service. We handle your calls like an employee that you have hired, without the headache of hiring, training, firing, rehiring, and payroll.